Autumn Is An Awesome Time To Sell

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Summer is often seen as the most popular time of the year to list a home but it can be smart to wait until autumn to hammer that for sale sign into your lawn. After all, the kids are back in school, weather is still temperate and people are travelling less creating a more captive audience.

Less competition
There are fewer homes on the market during the autumn months so your property will potentially receive more attention and have less competition for buyers.  

Rest and relaxation
Summer months are meant for relaxing, travelling and spending time with family. Keeping the house clean with the kids home all day coupled with having to work around open houses can really do your head in. Wait until the dust has settled and people are closing up baches and coming home from the beach. Plus, you won’t have to hang around home just in case it sells so you have ample freedom to roam and recharge.

The charm of autumn
There is something so lovely about the changing leaves and a crisp cool morning with a cuppa in your hand.  Have a cookbook open on your counter top to a recipe for a hearty stew next to a bowl full of red apples and home buyers will be able to picture themselves getting cosy during a night in.  Plus the autumn palette on your trees can make your yard shine.

Heating and cooling during a cooler market
In summer, heatwaves make sweltering indoor temperature a glaring issue. Attendees at open homes often find themselves sweaty and uncomfortable while viewing properties, especially during mid-day viewings. Prospective buyers then become aware of how hot a home could be and it might therefore appear less appealing. Autumn temps make for a more pleasant period of time with weather extremes less of an issue. Plus, things like heat pumps and fireplaces (more common than air con) become big selling points.

Less competition for your power team
Having the right photographers, realtors, home stagers and cleaners can be game changers when putting your house on the market. During the summer, these coveted services can be more expensive and the “best of best” can be overbooked. Waiting until the fall means there is less demand for services so you can score an appointment and you may be able to negotiate lower rates.  

Buyers tend to be more serious 
Autumn home buyers tend to be more focused on what they want.They have had the summer to hone down their property wish list and will be more likely to move quickly to purchase.  Another motivation is that few want to brave winter’s cold temps when packing and settling in.


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