What do renters need to keep in mind during holiday time?

Holiday tips for landlords - 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Family, friends, and colleagues are filled with cheer and ready to celebrate the festive season. Before you dive into the holiday period, here are some holiday tips for renters.

Let your landlord know your schedule
If you are planning to be out of town for more than a couple of days then it is a good idea to let your landlord know. Things can go sideways, such as a burst pipe, sudden leak or an electrical issue. If your property manager or the owner know that you are away, they will keep an eye on the place for you. Make sure they have your current contact information too.

Holiday decor damages
We all love the sparkle and style that the season invites via twinkling lights, tinsel and trees. Keep in mind though that nails into walls for decorations or a wood balcony to hang lights can cause serious damage that you will be liable for when you move out. Use non-damaging plastic hooks or blu-tack instead. Turn off lights when you are not around to prevent fires and a huge uptick in your power bill. If you have a real tree on a wood floor make sure you put down a waterproof piece of plastic to prevent warping or staining the floor from watering. Same thing goes for carpet, so stains and mould do not occur.  

Santa says, “safety first”
Unfortunately there can be an increase in crime around Christmas. Burglars know that there can be expensive gifts under the tree and that people will leave for days at a time making it a prime time for break-ins. Keep an interior light on when you are gone to make it look like there is someone at home. Let your neighbours know your travel schedule so they can alert the authorities if something looks amiss. While it may be hot, it is a good idea to close windows at night and flip on a fan instead. Always, lock your cars and keep shopping bags out of sight if you are out running errands.

Be mindful with your social media
Sure, it is the best time to get lots of likes on those lovely holiday photos but they also let people know that you are out of town. Depending on your privacy settings and your number of “friends” these posts can be a calling card to burglars for break-ins. You can still post your pics later when you are back in town.

Don’t overlook your everyday greenery
You may have spent lots of time and effort (not to mention money) on flowers, herbs and other plants. The New Zealand sun can be brutally hot and dry up plants in a day or two.There may be a neighbourhood child nearby that would would leap at the chance to make some pocket money by watering your plants every day.  

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!  Don’t hesitate to contact your property manager for more advice on keeping your home or flat safe and secure for the upcoming festivitie time of year.