Connecting new communities

The Northern Glen Innes Redevelopment Project is transforming Glen Innes by delivering brand new homes where 158 outdated Housing New Zealand properties once stood. 

This is now New Zealand’s largest urban regeneration project, led by Creating Communities and supported by Barfoot & Thompson.

The project was born out of Housing New Zealand’s recognition of the need to improve the quality of housing for its tenants, while also better utilising the land to increase affordable housing options for Aucklander’s. Upgrades to facilities, sustainable landscaping and revamps of waterways are included in the project, helping establish a safe and connected community.

"It's the beginning of 10 to 15 years of dramatic change in Glen Innes, which is exciting to be involved in. It's not just about the homes, it's about making Glen Innes a better place to live as a whole."

Murdoch Dryden, Creating Communities

Brand new homes

When the project is complete, Glen Innes will benefit from 78 brand new, warm, comfortable and modern Housing New Zealand properties.

These properties will be pepper-potted throughout the suburb and the remaining homes (estimated as numbering 240) will be available for the public to purchase - creating a mixed tenure community.

About the homes

The work of two leading architectural firms, these homes were designed with comfort in mind - they're perfectly laid out, warm, safe and low maintenance. There is an exciting variety of housing types to choose from, from standalone 2,3,4 and 5 bedroom homes, to two and three-storey terraced housing.

In partnership with the Creating Communities team, Barfoot & Thompson Meadowbank is managing the sale of all of the homes available to the public. As of March 2016, more than 189 homes are now built or under construction, and the project is set for full completion by mid 2018.

"We're very happy to be partners for an initiative with the goal of providing better quality homes for Aucklanders; the benefits to the community are outstanding." 

Peter Thompson, Managing Director, Barfoot & Thompson

A strong community approach

Creating Communities doesn't see the redevelopment of Glen Innes as just creating new homes. For them it's about the people too. Through support of local schools, youth groups and community events, they are truly committed to making Glen Innes a better place to live as a whole, and creating a  sustainable and strong community for current and future residents.

Interested in becoming a resident?  

Find out more about the homes for sale on the Creating Communities website.