Should I get a professional cleaner in between tenancies?

Ask Kiri

Kiri discusses the benefits of engaging a professional cleaner between tenancies.

If your property is between tenancies, it is a good idea to get a professional cleaning service to go through the place, particularly if the tenancy was for a reasonable length of time (say 12 months or more). 

Under the Residential Tenancy Act, tenants only need to leave a property "reasonably" clean and tidy. However, the Act does not define the meaning of "reasonable", which means that this is open to interpretation for everyone. 

Personal standards of what is considered 'reasonably clean and tidy' can differ between parties, so what is acceptable to one tenant may not be so for the landlord or for the next occupant. 

Engaging a professional cleaner, at your own cost, to bring the property up to your standard between tenancies is the best way to overcome such problems. This can also set a precedent for the new tenants as to the standard of cleanliness that is expected. 

It's important to remember that a tidy-up between tenancies does not only apply to the interior. Landlords should take the opportunity to cut back trees and shrubs, clear gutters, water blast paths and driveways to get rid of any moss and mould, and other maintenance around the outside of the property.