Different housing styles in New Zealand

We’re lucky enough to live in a country blessed with a wide variety of housing styles. Here we look at what makes each one unique - their special features, charms and challenges.

Villa renovation is popular in Auckland and if you walk around the streets of Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Kingsland and many other suburbs you can see some stunning renovated and modernised examples. Renovating a villa is a big project and labour of love, but can be infinitely rewarding if done right.

Bungalows are common in most parts of Auckland and similar to villas, they can require a lot of hard work and love to restore them to their former glory. 

With solid bones and a classic style, they're a popular choice and are unlikely to go out of fashion.

Almost all towns in New Zealand have some form of art deco construction, the best known being Napier, which was rebuilt following the 1931 earthquake. Art deco houses are recognised for their unique character and heritage. Because of their age, renovated art deco homes are common.

Houses built during this period were heavily influenced by a range of economic and political factors, and by the 1960s, a 'New Zealand style' had started to emerge. This legacy remains a distinctive feature of the New Zealand housing scene today.

Many 1970s houses have been renovated and expanded over time to accommodate bigger families. 

Structurally, they are often said to have 'good bones' and are a popular choice for families and those looking for open plan, multi-use, adaptable spaces.

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